Brown Suger Babe is committed to providing our customers with a safe and secure shopping experience. To prevent fraud and protect the interests of our customers, we use various fraud detection measures, including Shopify's fraud detection system and other fraud triggers.

If any of these fraud detection measures indicate a potential risk, we reserve the right to verify the identity of the customer placing the order. This verification process may involve requesting additional information or documentation from the customer.

If we are unable to verify the customer's identity or detect fraudulent activity, we reserve the right to cancel the order. In such cases, we will notify the customer of the cancellation and refund any payment made for the order.

We understand that fraud verification can sometimes cause inconvenience to our customers, but we believe that it is necessary to ensure a safe and secure shopping environment for everyone.By placing an order with us, you agree to cooperate with us in any fraud verification process that we may need to undertake.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns about our fraud prevention measures, please do not hesitate to contact us.